PTFE is a fluoropolymer. Poli(tetrafluoroethylene) –[-CF2-CF2-]n- is a fluoropolymer obtained by polymerisation of tetrafluoroethylene (CF2=CF2). This process results in linear closely packed molecules giving unique chemical and physical properties. PTFE (Tecaflon) is almost entirely resistant to chemical exposure, dissolving only in concentrated hydrofluoric acid. 

In addition, its low surface energy makes it an extremely slippery material. Properties:

  • high chemical resistance
  • good lubricating properties
  • virtually no abrasive vibrations
  • resistant to hydrolysis and hot steam
  • very good resistance to UV radiation
  • very good sliding and wear properties
  • very high impact strength even at low temperatures
  • non-toxic, resistant to microorganisms and fungi
  • physiologically inert – harmless to living organisms 
  • comes in electrically insulating or anti-static versions 
  • high temperature of continuous use up to +260°C (temporarily up to +315°)

Conveyor belts come in the form of solid single-layer belts varying in thickness, or as mesh belts of various mesh size and thickness. They are used for handling operations in very tough conditions: active chemical substances, high temperature, in applications requiring a very low friction coefficient (buffering or low belt pull).  

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