Our company specialises in professional CNC machining focused on the production of timing pulleys

We have a modern, constantly expanding machine park, thanks to which we are able to take on even the most unusual orders.
We approach each order with the same care, whether it is for a single order or an entire series.

We provide, for example:

  • CNC turning services,
  • CNC milling (rotary and 3-axis),
  • gully chiselling.

We process a wide variety of materials: structural steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, plastic.
Our products are subjected to a detailed manufacturing accuracy check, which is performed on a modern coordinate measuring machine.


1. Idler pulleys

The most commonly produced scales include:
  • - inch scales: XL; L; H; XH.
  • - HTD scales: HTD3; HTD5; HTD8; HTD14; HTD20.
  • - MR scales: 3MR; 5MR.
  • - ST scales: S3M; S5M; S8M.
  • - RPP scales: RPP5; RPP8; RPP14.
  • - Poly Chain scales: GT 5M; GT 8M; GT2 5M; GT2 8M; GT2 14M.
  • - metric scales: T2,5; T5; T10; T20; AT3; AT5; AT10; ATP10; AT20.
  • - backlash-free metric scales: T5-0; T10-0; AT5-0; AT10-0.

2. V-belts and multiple V-ribbed belts wheels

The wheels we offer are compatible with the following V-belts:
  • - narrow-profile belts SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC
  • - classic belts: Z,A,B,C,D,E

3. Gear shafts

Gear shafts with metric or inch pitch serve as intermediate products for further self-processing.
Our company offers shafts in standard execution or based on individually prepared drawing documentation.
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