We offer fast and complete assistance in the implementation of Our Clients’ requirements.

We make details on the basis of the provided technical documentation.

With the aid of CAD/CAM we make our own projects, based on the provided patterns or information from the Clients.

We process various materials:

  • Structural steel, tool steel and various kinds of stainless steel and acid-resistant steel
  • Non-ferrous metals: bronze, brass, various types of aluminium
  • Synthetics: most often POM-C and PA6-G

We work with capable and reliable suppliers and own our private storage facility

We manufacture individual parts, work on quantity production, as well as regeneration

We offer services:

  • conventional turning and CNC -> maximum diameter 400 mm
  • 3-axis milling CNC -> machining capacity 1016 x 660 x 635 mm
  • hobbing milling CNC -> maximum diameter 400 mm
  • cutting on belt saw -> maximum diameter of the cut element 500 mm
  • chiselling, drilling, threading
  • hardening, soft and hard anodizing, galvanizing, oxide coating, nickel plating and welding

We approach each project individually to offer the most advantageous solution.

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