Modular belts are a response to the needs of the market, which were not satisfied by the commonly used textile belts.

Properties of the plastics from which the modules are made give this solution an advantage in many transport applications. Material properties: Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polyacetal (POM) from which the elements are made, ensure durability and resistance to mechanical and chemical damage.

The advantage of this product over other types of tapes in many industrial applications is the variety of construction in terms of: shapes, perforations, tabs, additions and accessories.

  • ability to work in the range of -73°C to 110°C
  • chemical resistance
  • mechanical strength
  • easy to clean
  • possibility of air circulation (cooling/freezing), liquid drainage
  • availability of carriers, side boards
  • easy to replace of damaged elements without having to change the whole line

In combination with the construction of the belt, which is folded on a similar principle as blocks, assembly is easy and customers do it themselves. There is no need for service, specialized tools, or control of the belt run. In the event of mechanical damage, it is enough to replace only the damaged modules to restore the full functionality and durability of the belt.

A wide range of modular belts and accessories on the shelves of our warehouse means immediate availability of most transport solutions for our current and future customers.

Euroband is the exclusive distributor of modular tapes produced by Modutech.

Direct contact with us guarantees the selection of durable solutions, based on the professional advice of our specialists.

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